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Begins a New Age | Stargate SG1: Baal/Sam

Fandom: Stargate SG1
Characters: Baal
Pairing: Baal/Sam
Rating: FRC
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] 10_orders ("shut up")
Word Count: 888

Series so far: Sticks and Stones, A Rock and a Hard Place, Recovery and Recalcitrance & The End of All This

Light dims. The lid of the sarcophagus slides half open, then sticks. Rubble and dust showers Baal as he shoves the gap wider. Devastation surrounds him. Not that he expected anything else.

Hauling himself out on one elbow, he swings his legs over the edge of the crypt. Relief that his calculations were correct dominates, but there is a deeper emotion he tries not to think about as he stumbles over the broken remains of the temple. SG One is long gone, he has no doubt of that; his plan worked to perfection.

Raking a hand through his hair to dislodge the dust, he takes stock of the Ancient writing. It is possible that someone could put it together, but it would take years. For now that is enough – be he plans to return and turn every stone to rubble. Dakara is safe, along with the galaxy.

“The end of this,” he says, then lifts his chin. “And the beginning of the new.”

‘I still believe this plan to be a fool’s errand,’ the inner voice states, its tone a soft rasp against his skull. ‘We could have held the galaxy in our hands.’

“That time is over.” Baal kicks a large stone and watches it tumble down the mound. When it settles, he follows its path. “The galaxy is changing. Either we adapt with it, or we fade into nothingness like so many of our kind.”

‘Perhaps,’ the symbiote allows. ‘The Goa’uld certainly cannot push back the Ori as fractured as we are. You were right about the scrabbling for power – we have indeed been the instruments of our own downfall.’

“So here begins the new age.”

The symbiote is silent as Baal picks his way to terra firma. Then, ‘But there is one thing you have not figured into this plan.’

Baal stares at the still Stargate. “For a very good reason.”

‘You might have fooled her, but you cannot fool me. I know you. I am you.’

“Oh... shut up.” As comebacks go, it’s not one his best, but the prompting has opened a door in his mind he wanted to stay shut. The recollection of her face wavers in his mind. “I did what was necessary for both of us.”

‘I did not realise this new age of yours would involve pointless sacrifice.’ The symbiote sniffs. ‘Perhaps I should search for a host that is less melodramatic.’

Baal snorts. “Wooing her was your idea.”

‘She would make a fine Queen. She is intelligent and beautiful, and she seems to like us. Or rather, she did until you thought it best to play the martyr. What does our apparent death do to her, I wonder?’

Pain courses through him. He never wanted to cause her grief. Now it is likely that he is her main cause. That is, if she forgives him for his betrayal.

‘Now which of us is the arrogant one? I would not doubt her.’

“It cannot be,” Baal sighs. “She is Tau’ri, a member of SG One and subject to their laws. You know what doubts were raised when they thought us merely friends. To have stayed would have put greater pressure on her. And this is more important than what we wanted.”

‘For now, but not forever.’ The symbiote helpfully rummages through his memories, recalling her sunlit hair, her bright blue eyes and, worse, the way she smiled at him. ‘If we are to give up ruling the galaxy, it should be for a worthwhile reason.’

“Is not having all life destroyed somehow lacking for you?”

‘Yes, it is. It lacks what we both desire. Do this and then find her. Samantha Carter is to be our queen, and I shall hear no argument about it.’

He doesn’t have one anyway – he is already missing her presence. “I will not force her.”

‘Then be persuasive. You managed that well enough before.’

The symbiote sounds mildly irritated. Baal tries not to think of the cave and fails. The absence becomes a hollow ache. This was not supposed to be so hard. Why is it? What has he missed? Had he not prepared for every eventuality?

‘Did you hit your head?’ the voice inside it asks. ‘Or did you just spend so long on Earth that you caught stupidity?’

“What are you–” Baal stops as the symbiote shows him. “Oh. Oh, yeah, that.”

‘That indeed.’

“You started it.”

Must we do this? I thought that we were going to extinguish the over-zealous flames of the Ori.’

Baal rolls his eyes and stalks over to the DHD. For all that he has shared this body with the Goa’uld for so may years, it is basically human. It has wants and desires and... emotions. He can control them to a degree, but every so often, he forgets, though this is the first time he’s been quite so foolish.

He can’t imagine at what point his attraction to Samantha became... affection, but it has happened none-the-less. All his carefully-prepared speeches come to nothing because of the heart of it this hasn’t been about stopping the Ori or keeping the weapon on Dakara out of abusive hands, but about protecting one female Tau’ri to whom he has become ridiculously attached.

Now all he wants is a second chance so that he can tell her that.