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Fandom: Stargate SG1
Characters: Baal (vague mention of O'Neill)
Setting: Abyss
Rating: PG
Word Count: 245

The knife in his hand is light, perfectly balanced. He is a little old-fashioned when it comes to weaponry, but he prefers the elegance of sharpened metal. The subtlety. He lifts his eyes and looks at the man pinned to the gravity web. The range of possibilities – after all, there are few ways one can shoot a man. A knife though…

Gravity is a subtle pull. He stretches out his hand, feels that pull increase. The knife shifts in his hand.

“One last time,” he says and lets the knife go. The blade digs deep into the man’s chest. He watches pain flare then die as he heaves a final breath. It is only a temporary reprieve.

Baal signals to his Jaffa and they drag the man away. Alone, he picks up another knife and slides a finger down the flat side. Foolish human: defying him will only bring repeated pain. The point needles the pad of his finger. He watches red mushroom up, feeling only the faintest shadow of pain. A tingle works down his arm, along the vein. The cut flesh knits together, a natural process at an unnatural speed courtesy of his symbiote.

The human requires the sarcophagus in order to be repaired and that will take time. He is prepared to wait.

It is regretful, this torture, but he will have the answers to his questions. The memories are in the human’s head somewhere. He will have them, whatever it takes.
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